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Diamond Vision DVD Player Region-Free Hack and Review

This review and regionless hack applies to the successive DVD / MP3 / CD player: Diamond Vision DVDV807-03. The DVD player’s manual also includes procedure for the DVDV807-04 model, so most of this story should apply to it as well.

Diamond Vision DVD Player Region-Free Hack and Review

Diamond Vision DVD Player Region-Free Hack and Review

Whether you intend to monitoring foreign words videos in directive to learn a new language, or because some titles are not available where you live, DVDs from another girdle will probably be unplayable on your fashionable DVD player However, a DVD device can often be converted (hacked) to a different band via a remote discipline column or firmware prefer Sometimes you can even buy customized chips to adjust the hardware

The simplest and least expensive way to hack a DVD actor is to find a flashy quantity that can be fine-tuned via a remote tame sequence. That is what this entity is all about

The Diamond Vision DVDV 807-3 entertainer is front-loading. It proved itself to be reliable during my testing There are a brace of annoyances, however:

1.) The DVD-spinning machine tends to be a little flashy (minor inconvenience)

2.) If you try to control STOP, OPEN, and PLAY buttons too quickly, the trouper sometimes locks up Powering down and restarting always resets the entertainer successfully

The region-free hack factory as follows:

1.) Turn on the power and wait until the ‘NO DISC’ memorandum appears, then press OPEN/CLOSE on the character itself to receptive the door of the DVD player

2.) On the remote control, form SETUP A menu entrust appear onscreen.

3.) Enter the succeeding character chain via remote: 1 3 8 9

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4.) A different menu commit appear Your cursor should now be sitting in a basket with the modern band displayed Use the UP and DOWN thorn keys on the remote gentle to show a specific region’s numerical code, or select ‘0’ (regionless).

5.) Press ENTER and then SETUP to exit.

6.) Your DVD entertainer leave now move DVDs from supplementary regions The law only has to be entered once. Powering down entrust not govern the Diamond Vision to flee its region-free setting An added plus: it automatically senses PAL/NTSC signals

According to, this zone hack will further work with many supplementary Diamond Vision DVD players

This cipher is a pretty common economy DVD performer You can usually find it for well subservient $50 in most Wal-Marts. It is approximately 9 inches comprehensive by 10 inches deep, and the remote break is a scarcely nicer and bigger than what comes with a mountain of discount DVD units

This appliance provides several types of record and audio output:

1.)Y/Pb, Cb/Pr, Cr

2.) RCA

3.) S-Video

For a issue player, it indeed is a bargain, considering the capabilities

Note: You can determine the cestuses regulation for any DVD by looking at the packaging You might see entity that looks like a button with a macrocosm in the background and a large number. The DVD may specifically area entity like ‘Region 1’ If no code is shown, it may be regionless fix out of the pannier Some older titles, control productions, or remakes of older films often do not keep any cestuses lee added

Current band codes on commercial titles radius from 1 to 6.

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It’s a gain play if you decide to purchase this cipher You should definitely achieve your money’s worth.